Amazon (AMZN) has been working on developing its own cryptocurrency for a number of years, but its recent hiring of a digital currency expert could signal that the company is finally getting serious about launching its own coin.

Amazon announced today that they have hired a digital currency expert from Ripple to examine the possibilities for integrating digital currency payments into their service, particularly for international payments. The new hire, who has been named Dan Reitz, helped Ripple launch its blockchain payment network, which handles the peer-to-peer exchange of digital cash. I’m sure we can all agree that Amazon selling Amazon coins would make a lot of sense.

Amazon is reportedly looking to use cryptocurrencies in its business to make payments easier for its customers. But what will that mean for the rest of the e-commerce world? And what does it mean for Amazon’s competitors?

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Amazon Hires Digital Currency Expert To Explore Crypto Payments News on the Blockchain

Amazon, a global corporation based in the United States, is seeking for a digital currency and blockchain product specialist. The company intends to extend its payment services into the burgeoning and creative crypto world. Amazon is extremely private and serious about the talent it hires for its payment team, and it prioritizes digital currencies such as Bitcoin. 

Amazon has hired a cryptocurrency expert.

Amazon needs a digital currency and blockchain product specialist to assist their payments acceptance and experience team, according to their business goals. So the company just posted a job opening for a crypto specialist on its site. Amazon’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy and product roadmap will be developed by a competent executive. The business also included the job description and necessary credentials with the advertisement. It also expects the applicant to improve the company’s overall vision and product strategy, as well as obtain leadership buy-in and investment in the new position. 

Furthermore, as a technology firm, Amazon intends to build its business on new technologies that will enable it to operate quickly, efficiently, and securely for its valued customers in the future. As a result, the company is working closely with its clients and consumers to deliver such a future to them as quickly as feasible. To be clear, Amazon now provides a blockchain service but does not accept cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism.

According to Amazon, 

“We’re intrigued by the creativity in the cryptocurrency sector, and we’re looking into how this could play out on Amazon.”

Amazon Is Getting Into Crypto

In today’s environment, the crypto business is very important. The percentage of people who are interested in digital currencies is rising every day. Furthermore, many companies and organizations are keen to operate their networks on digital platforms. Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, has taken the initiative to investigate cryptocurrency as a payment option. More specifically, Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing business, offers a service dubbed “Amazon Managed Blockchain.” 

Users may also simply build and join both public and private networks using Amazon’s blockchain network. As a result, the leading open source frameworks Hyperleadger and Ethereum will be used. As a result, Amazon is looking for candidates with expertise in decentralized finance (DeFi) to help support the blockchain network’s ability to provide financial products without the need of third parties. Digital currencies such as bitcoin, according to the crypto market, are popular and rank first, with millions of supporters. Everything is becoming digital these days, and people are willing to embrace digital currencies as well. Many corporate titans, such as Facebook and Apple, are entering the crypto realm by forecasting the future using crypto and blockchain networks.

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