APENFT, the App-Enabled Entertainment Network, is expanding into the gaming world with a new wireless solution designed to provide content to gamers on the go. WINkLink, a new service that leverages the latest 4G LTE technology, is designed to allow gamers to access and play games that they purchase on their mobile devices.

APENFT is a new tech company that is expanding into the game industry with its own cryptocurrency, WINK. With this new tech, they will be able to provide a peer-to-peer payment system for gamers, something that is desperately needed in this day and age. This system will allow gamers to play games that do not have a way to pay for them, and as such, many gamers will be able to enjoy the game they have always wanted to play, and the games that they have been unable to play.

The cryptocurrency revolution continues to grow. A few weeks ago, a new ICO launched under the WinkLINK platform which seeks to integrate cryptocurrency payments into the everyday world. We thought this was an interesting development in the industry, and wanted to take a closer look.

APENFT Expands Into GameFi With WINkLink

July 26th, 2023, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore,

In the TRON ecosystem, APENFT will team up with WINkLink to enter the areas of GameFi and NFTfi. TRON creator Justin Sun anticipated that GameFi, like DeFi, will become the next big thing in the blockchain sector, and that WINkLink and APENFT would go all-in on this new potential. 

The TRON public chain will fuel this collaborative effort of APENFT Foundation and WINkLink into GameFi and NFTfi, which will use the BTFS protocol and the JUST financial ecosystem. The NFTs produced by APENFT and the WIN tokens issued by WINkLink will be utilized in the NFT game that the two companies are planning to launch. The game’s prototype is expected to be finished in Q3, and the combined product will be accessible to consumers in Q4.

Since 2023, two developing popular DeFi and NFTfi combos have been GameFi and NFTfi. NFTfi refers to blockchain initiatives containing NFT components, whereas GameFi refers to “gamified finance,” a completely new sector of business in the gaming industry. According to analysts, NFT adds DeFi to rarity-based distinct assets, and DeFi, in turn, endows NFT with commercial value via financing. Some initiatives pushing DeFi’s cross-industry applicability, particularly those combining it with NFT, have already unlocked enormous potential.

According to publicly available statistics, the NFT market’s trading volume in Q2 2023 was $754 million, up 48 percent from the previous quarter, and the number of traders surpassed 130,000. Because NFT is a token by definition, it has significant asset characteristics. As a result, it offers liquidity to art assets by allowing on-chain lending and borrowing using NFT. It also takes use of DeFi’s decentralized features to provide credit and evidence of existence. GameFi, which combines NFT with DeFi, is generally acknowledged in the industry as having the potential to be the next frontier for NFT innovation.

With their combined entrance into GameFi, APENFT and WINkLink, two popular initiatives in the limelight, grab a new opportunity in the sector. Furthermore, with Justin Sun’s help, the two partners will accelerate the development of their GameFi project, which will be supported by the complete TRON ecosystem.

The APENFT goal of registering world-class artworks as NFTs on the blockchain is supported by the underlying technology of top-tier blockchains Ethereum and TRON, as well as support from the world’s biggest distributed storage system, BitTorrent. With a combined worth of almost $31 million, the charity holds a collection of works by well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso and crypto artists Beeple and Pak.

The TRON ecosystem’s first system-wide oracle project is WINLink. It offers data, events, and payment systems in the real world, as well as trustworthy, unpredictable, and verified random numbers. It is responsible for moving off-chain data onto the chain and guaranteeing the data’s authenticity as part of TRON’s DeFi ecosystem’s interconnectivity with off-chain data. WinkLink’s goal is to link virtual space and reality by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

APENFT’s Background 

APENFT was founded with the goal of registering world-class artworks on the blockchain as NFTs. We want to create a link between top-tier musicians and blockchain technology, as well as promote the development of native crypto NFT artists. APENFT, by converting top artists and art pieces into NFTs, not only improves the way artworks are hosted, but also transforms them from elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and reflects their aspirations, similar to how blockchain democratizes finance like never before. APENFT is a universal art form.

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APENFT’s Background 

WINkLink is the TRON network’s first decentralized oracle, seeking to connect the real world with the blockchain realm. The project’s goal is to offer dependable data feeds that will allow smart contracts to be executed. Developers may use WINklink Oracle to connect to real-world data and smart contracts using real-world data streams.

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The Apenf Technology Group (APENFT) has announced that it has joined forces with the WINkLink firm to release a new device called the WINkLink  that is designed to provide a mobile platform for gaming. The WINkLink  will allow for the use of various games and applications for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:  Finance, Service, and Entertainment.. Read more about just nft fund and let us know what you think.

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