The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have announced that they will be working on an update to their subscription packages by issuing tokens, so to speak. This will be done in collaboration with the crypto community as a pilot project – as the NYTimes stated, this is the first time the paper has ever announced a cryptocurrency project.

We’ve been following the development of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a while now. What are they? NFTs are a new class of cryptocurrency tokens. And they are not the same as a standard coin and a token. A standard coin is a coin that represents a token. If I put a coin in a jar, it is a token. If I put a coin in a piggy bank, it is a token. NFTs are different from token coins in that they are not just tokens, but a class of token. In other words, NFTs are a different type of cryptocurrency token. [..] NFTs are designed to be used as a way to represent real-world assets

Summary of the situation – FOX and CNN are investing in NFT (non-volatile) as cryptocurrency adoption reaches an all-time high. – CNN and Fox announce the creation of a fund to support NFT’s growth. By 2023, NFTs (non-fungal tokens) have experienced incredible growth. In the first quarter alone, about $200 million was spent on NFT tokens. These tokens manifest themselves in the form of various elements such as videos, photos, digital files, etc.

Media and FTT

CNN and FOX announce NFTs as projects Major media outlets like Fox and CNN are the latest companies to follow the NFT trend. CNN has launched an NFT project to commemorate and celebrate famous or iconic historical events. Fox plans to support NFT’s growth with a $100 million fund. CNN has joined the ranks of major organizations that have decided to use non-gaming chips. CNN did this as part of an NFT project called Vault by CNN : The moments that changed us. This project includes emblematic and symbolic moments of modern history. Unfortunately, CNN did not specify when exactly they will be digitized into unplayable tokens. However, experts predict that presidential elections, world history and world records will be among the topics of conversation. In a recent conversation about climate change, CNN uses streaming blockchain to create NFT pieces. Users should also keep in mind that purchases are not limited to cryptocurrencies, as credit card transactions are also possible. Experts expect the project to start in late June, with the drops divided into six weekly iterations.

CNN and Fox expect more popularity with unplayablechips.

Fox News Channel announced the creation of a $100 million fund to support and encourage the growth of NFT. NFT Block Creative Labs will manage this fund to enable content creators to launch, create, sell and manage NFT. Scott Greenberg, CEO of blockchain company Creative Labs, noted that entrepreneurs are at the heart of the project and that the merger with Fox will bring attractive offerings such as NFT tokens to the digital asset market. Experts believe that animated series will get an NFT line, but it is not yet known which series will get this chance. However, industry experts point out that The Simpsons would be a suitable show to get some NFTs, which have already mentioned digital assets several times, such as. B. in the 2023 episode with crypto-currency activist Jim Parsons as a guest. Fox and CNN are the only media companies to enter the NFT market, while Time magazine enters the token world with ten tokenized magazine covers. The sale of the tokens generated more than $300,000 in revenue.

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