One of the most significant relevations in the crypto community is the amount of bitcoins being gained by miners. The bitcoin price has dropped significantly from its all time high in December, but quite a few new coins have been created.

Bitcoins are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because they are a free form of currency that can be used for online purchases without being monitored by banks or governments, and used to pay for services without having to give away personal details. With millions of dollars being invested into crypto startups, and the price of bitcoins rising at a rapid rate, it is a good time to be a cryptocurrency trader.

There is a clear divide between the mass of people who consume news and opinion, and the people who make, and use, the news. This divide is not unbridgeable, and in some cases it’s even been completely eroded. In the past year, the crypto community has found itself on the wrong side of this divide, with the mainstream financial media establishment turning against them.. Read more about bitcoin price and let us know what you think.

Crypto Community Accumulating BTC at the Rate of 100k Per Month


Crypto investors and traders from all over the globe have been waiting for indications of a price rebound since the mid-May price collapse, and it seems that it is finally occurring. According to recent statistics, Bitcoin has been rapidly abandoning centralized exchanges, suggesting that collecting coins and HODLing is the most popular trend right now.

BTC’s scarcity is anticipated to have a major effect on the coin’s price shortly after it leaves the exchanges, something traders should keep a watch on.

According to Glassnode statistics, a shift is on the way.

According to the latest statistics, Bitcoin outflows from centralized exchanges have hit a new high for the year. The data was released by Glassnode on August 2nd, and it indicates that 40,000 bitcoins (BTC) have been transferred from exchanges to private wallets in the last week. Approximately 100,000 BTC was removed on a monthly basis.

This is just the third time since September 2019 that outflows have escalated to this level. Only around 13.2 percent of Bitcoin’s total circulating supply is still on exchanges at the time of the publication, which is the lowest percentage in the whole year of 2023.

The latest trend, according to analysts, marks a nearly complete retracement of the huge influx witnessed during the mid-May sell-off, when BTC plummeted from about $58,000 to the mid-$30,000 level.

Outflows of bitcoin in 2023

Previously, following the mid-March price collapse due by COVID-19 concerns, outflows soared to almost 150,000 BTC per month in late April 2023. The crypto sector saw a 50% price decrease in less than two days after US President Barack Obama said that travel between the US and Europe would be halted because of the epidemic.

Despite the price drop, Bitcoin has recovered 150 percent by the end of May 2023. After a few months, CEX outflows almost reached 150,000 per month in November 2023, according to BTC. At the time, the currency had finally surpassed its previous ATH of $20,000 and was taking its first steps beyond it, ultimately reaching $64.8k.

Now, history seems to be repeating itself, implying that, if current trends continue, a major Bitcoin price rebound may be on the way. Of course, whether the currency can return to its former heights, or perhaps surpass them, remains to be seen. However, this is unquestionably a positive development, indicating the beginnings of a fresh rise.

The supply of BTC on CEXes is rapidly depleting.

Another issue Glassnode has observed is the different patterns between Coinbase and Binance, two of the most well-known and popular exchanges. For the most of 2023, Coinbase has seen increasing Bitcoin outflows, while Binance has had the industry’s biggest inflows. Binance’s BTC reserves, on the other hand, are starting to dwindle. Over the past week alone, over $1.5 billion in BTC (37,500 Bitcoin) has left the market.

Coinbase had a period of quiet in June of this year, with its balances remaining reasonably stable. The exchange received 30,000 BTC in mid-July, but by the end of the month, an even larger sum – 31,000 BTC — had departed the platform. Glassnode utilized its so-called “Liveliness measure” to spot accumulation patterns, calculating the ratio between the total number of currency days destroyed and the total number of coin days ever produced. It discovered that, since the mid-May sell-off, the market has been collecting BTC at an increasing rate.

To put it another way, this does not seem to be the bear market that many had predicted. Instead, every data suggests that this was an exaggerated drop that is likely to come to an end, with Bitcoin’s price poised to rebound in the opposite direction. Of course, there are no guarantees, since the industry remains as unpredictable as it has always been. However, since trends are generally trustworthy enough indications, a significant, positive price shift may still occur.

Dear earnthecryptocurrency, I’m here to tell you that Bitcoin has seen a tremendous rise in price since the start of the year. In fact, the price has increased by more than 150% in under a month, and the price reached more than $6000 on April 21. It seems like this rally is only going to continue, and we could see Bitcoin hitting an all time high in the near future.. Read more about bitcoin correction and let us know what you think.

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