The world of cryptocurrency is ever-evolving at a rapid pace. With cutting-edge trends sweeping the crypto industry, it becomes essential to keep abreast of the latest changes. Additive or 3D manufacturing is becoming increasingly popular today for the construction of prototypes or for the construction of components that require a high degree of precision or have complicated structures. The latest player in the field, Erecoin, has developed a secure and decentralized platform built on blockchain technology to transfer 3D data safely. Let us know about it.

ErecoinPlatform: Crypto Base with a Mission

Blockchain technology has lots to offer in the cryptocurrency industry. Erecoin aims to develop and revolutionize3D accomplishment in production using blockchain concepts. Erecoin is an overall accelerator for the same and holds promise. It offers a platform where companies can design, manufacture, and trade products in a seamless manner. With newer conceptual designs, the Erecoin platform intends to simplify the production process of complex objects to a greater level.

The Erecoin token ensures secure transactions for accompaniment assembling with the help of agile contracts. The Erecoinplatform tends to lay the foundation of a 3D world where engineering units, designers, industrial producers, and consumers can transfer fast and secure data and services over a decentralized network using blockchain technology. Read more about Erecoinat

What is Erecoin?

This new build chain for additive manufacturing will have Erecoin at its base. The currency aspect of the coin can ensure manufacturers pay for print licenses or rights so that Erecoin is a hybrid of both tokens and cryptocurrency.

The market of 3D manufacturing is progressively evolving to pose new challenges related to the legality and technicality of transferred 3D data. Erecoinutilizesblockchain technology for a quick and secure 3D data transfer where file exchange takes place through the Erecoinplatform in protected transactions. This would ensure less manipulation and more safety for the parties involved in the 3D printing process.

Current Status of Erecoin

The Erecoin program launched its ICO or the introductory Coin Offering in March 2018. The first private sale with smart contracts was made in April 2018, collaborating with Beamer B.V. and add-on Marketing CAE lab GmbH as first users. Erecoin has now been listed on various token commerce platforms, with ERE as a full-fledged token under the utility category.

Here is a snapshot of the Erecoin as of today in the crypto market:

Is Erecoin Good for Investing?
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  • Token –ERE
  • Type-Benefit
  • Pre-Sale: December 2018 to February 2019
  • Token Demand: February 2019 to April 2019
  • Price: 1ERE= 0.0005 ETH
  • SoftCap: 2,000,000 EUR
  • HardCap: 12,000,000 EUR
  • Country: Germany
  • Blocked Areas: Applicable(USA)

Erecoin Goals

Investment in crypto calls for proper analysis. However, with Erecoin, your data and services will be in safe hands, along with your investment. This is much more evident from the goals of Erecoin as given below:

  • After its funding crowd sale, Erecoin intends to grow its transaction volume and deliver business growth by onboarding more users.
  • Erecoin funds are used to improvise the platform and integrate various technologies seamlessly through advanced research and development.
  • Erecoin has a significant goal to generate free cash flow that can be reinvested into the system to accelerate growth. Every cycle restarts when its price reaches the threshold to help in reducing the cost of operations and eliminate risks.
  • Every Erecoin investment cycle ensures contribution to the blockchain economy by benefiting all participants in the system.

What makes Erecoin safe for investing?

There is no place for doubts for all those who want to give Erecoin investment a try but are sceptical about it. Erecoin is an entirely safe and secure utility token. It has all the features that make it perfectly safe. Erecoin transactions come with a smart contract function so that participants can also get back their used etherium in case the capping is not met.

Here is why you can rest assured that your investment will be in safe hands.

Is Erecoin Good for Investing?
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  • Token Allowance

The investor gets a token allowance to another wallet. Though Ether is the native blockchain token, Erecoin follows the ERC20 standard whereby the involved smart contracts can transfer tokens on behalf of users to a wallet that already owns the crowd sale tokens. So, you can easily deposit and credit.

  • CappedCoin

Investors get to transact in a perfectly secure environment that has a predetermined cap or threshold for sales. Any purchases that go beyond the cap automatically become invalid. Erecoin comes with a soft cap as well as a hard cap that makes the network stable.

  • Timed Crowdsales

Ethereum crowdsales allow users to allocate tokens in a variety of ways. Digital tokens on the Erecoin network provide rights to the purchaser to participate in the sale. There is an opening and closing time for the crowd sale.

Is Erecoin Good for Investing?
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  • Withdraw Tokens

Erecoin platform ensures the distribution of tokens even after the completion of the crowd sale. Users can claim the already purchased tokens, giving them more power. Withdrawal of the currency is more convenient, fast, and reliable.

  • Enhanced Security with Whitelisting

With the whitelisting feature of Erecoin, any crypto withdrawals will only go to registered addresses with a two-factor authentication system. Thus, only those participants can purchase tokens that are whitelisted. This allows safe withdrawal only to verified addresses that can be trusted.

  • Refundable

The best part with Erecoin crowd sale is the refund facility that comes with it. This means if the minimum threshold for the public offering is not reached, the participants will get a refund. So, the users can claim a refund to get their crypto back.

Summing Up

Erecoin promises a revolution in the world of 3D manufacturing with its blockchain implementation of the manufacturing process. It aims to benefit all users in its ecosystem with its Erecoin network as well as the currency. Erecoin as a cryptocurrency holds a lot of promise with its secure and trustworthy features that give more freedom to the participants. The additive manufacturing industry is all set to benefit massively with the implementation of blockchain technology, and Erecoin will pave the way for it.

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