PiedPiperCoin, or PPC, is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be used as the primary currency for online games and social media. The coin was created by a team of gaming industry veterans who have been in the space since 1999.

PiedPiperCoin (PPC) is the next Bitcoin. The Silicon Valley pied piper algorithm has been designed to be a stable and secure cryptocurrency with a finite supply of coins.

About this guide: Our PiedPiperCoin guide will teach you all you need to know about this sleeping currency, including what it does and our thoughts on it. We always advise caution when investing in cryptocurrencies and recommend you to do your own research.

???? Scam Alert: PiedPiperCoin’s ticker, PPC, seems to have been hijacked by Peercoin. We can guarantee you that we have contacted CoinMarketCap to inform them of the problem.

  • Cost: $0.07
  • Supply in circulation: 441,176
  • 0.01 volume (24 hours) Tesla’s

What Is PiedPiperCoin and How Does It Work?

PiedPiper is creating a new decentralized internet without firewalls, tolls, government control, surveillance, or advertisements. The goal is to make information completely free in all senses of the term. PPC is the new internet’s fuel – or, to put it another way, it’s the new decentralized system’s compute credits.

The PiedPiper initiative is gaining traction in nations such as the United States, where the Federal Communications Commission voted on December 14th to repeal net neutrality regulations. This implies that internet service providers in the United States may now throttle internet speeds and ban websites if they so choose.

Gavin Belson had a significant role in pressuring the Federal Communications Commission to remove the net neutrality regulations, according to a Hooli insider. This seems to be part of a larger Hooli effort to safeguard sales of the upcoming Box 3 project.

Competitors of PiedPiper

According to rumors, PiedPiper’s new decentralized internet will compete with The New New Internet. It’s been dubbed the “New Internet of China” by some, and the “PiperKiller” by others. Jian Yang seems to be the New New Internet’s public face. According to individuals close to TotalCypto, the project’s real staff is known in the cryptocurrency world as Substratum.

PiedPiper Technology

Consider this: mankind sent a man to the moon with just a portable calculator’s processing capability. The iPhone X has millions of times the processing power of Apollo 11. There are billions of mobile phones with comparable processing capacity throughout the globe, the most of which are now unused and lying in people’s pockets.

PiedPiper has created technology that allows all of these idle phones to be connected into a single decentralized network. Users will be able to view material at never-before-seen rates thanks to the usage of compression techniques that increase the network’s performance.

At a TechCrunch Disrupt presentation, the PPC compression algorithm was able to compress a 132GB 3D movie clip to only 24GB, earning a Weissman score of 5.2. This simply goes to prove that PiedPiper isn’t a vaporware project, and their new decentralized internet is built to last.

Suppoman, a YouTuber,

Suppoman, a legendary YouTuber, recently revealed to his 145k followers that he was about to make his biggest ever investment in a hidden cryptocurrency. Suppoman, according to TotalCrypto, has detected freshly minted PPC and discovered that PiedPiper has a market value of less than $31,000.

Suppoman is a savvy cryptocurrency investor, and he’s probably seen that PiedPiper is farther advanced in development than the PiperKiller Substratum. Given that Substratum has a market value of $269 million, this makes PPC a superior option for making multiples on your money. Suppoman will undoubtedly reveal this 1000x coin soon.

The Team

A great vision is useless unless it is backed up by a fantastic team. Thankfully, we believe the Pipers have what it takes to succeed:

Richard Hendricks, Founder & CEO: Richard, like many great entrepreneurs, went to the finest institution he could afford and then quit out. Some have claimed that he should have completed the last four credits of his computer science degree at Stanford, but we disagree. After a short time at Hooli, Richard followed his love for data compression and created PiedPiper.

Bertram Gilfoyle, Systems Architect: Medical marijuana, the biblical Satan as a weapon against oppression, and mother fucking god damn cryptocurrencies are among the few things Gilfoyle will passionately defend. Gilfoyle enjoys mining Bitcoin in his free time, but only when it is lucrative.

Jared Dunn, COO: Non-disclosure agreements prohibit Jared from discussing his personal life. When it came to hiring a COO, Hendricks looked inside the company and elevated Mr. Dunn from his position as Head of Business Development. In his free time, Jared likes frightening interns.

Monica Hall, CFO: Monica just joined the PiedPiper team. She worked for McKinsey before joining VC company Raviga Capital after receiving her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Laurie Bream and Monica went on to establish their own venture capital firm. Monica left Bream-Hall and joined the PiedPiper group as CFO.

Dinesh Chugtai, Senior Developer: After a short time as CEO of failing startup PiperChat, Dinesh returned to the Pipers after a brief stay at Periscope. Denesh loves his Tesla, and we’ve heard he’s the guy to see if you’re looking for one.

The team also has a stable of Stallions working diligently on the Pipernet, in addition to the PiedPiper top brass.

Should You Put Your Money Into PiedPiperCoin?

TotalCrypto is investing heavily on PPC. On IDEX, there is now a problem with PiedPiperCoin; the PPC/ETH or PPC/BTC markets seem to bring up Peercoin. The good news is that Changpeng Zhao has informed us that a Binance listing is on the way. Our plan is to hedge our PiedPiperCoin investment with Substratum, a New New Internet rival.

It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to invest in PPC, but even a $10 investment in PiedPiperCoin virtually guarantees you a Tesla.

PiedPiperCoin is not a genuine cryptocurrency, in case you didn’t know.


PiedPiper is a huge project, and TotalCrypto loves the concept of a decentralized internet that is both free and fair. You should be aware that PiedPiper isn’t alone in the market. This cryptocurrency, we believe, is on its way to the moon.


DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

The compute credits silicon valley is a cryptocurrency that has been created to be the next Bitcoin. It offers a new way of mining, where users can use their computer’s processing power to mine PPC.

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