Blockchain projects are now partnering with established research firms to produce sponsored surveys and market research. This is a new way for blockchain-based projects to attract funding from the traditional investment community, as well as provide valuable insights on their product and target audience.

Real Research is a company that partners with other blockchain projects. The app allows users to participate in surveys and earn cryptocurrency for their participation.

  • Other blockchain-based projects collaborated with Real Research.
  • Crypto, blockchain, economics, politics, science, technology, society, and culture are all covered by the project.
  • Furthermore, nearly 10 million Indian crypto users utilize the Real Research survey app.

For survey sponsorship, Real Research partnered with other blockchain-based companies such as Basid, Homeros, and Mobilian. Furthermore, the platform allows businesses to run surveys and collect actual data in a simple manner.

In October 2023, the Real Research application will be available to the general public. The majority of the app’s survey participants are from India. The survey app, on the other hand, promotes survey participation by offering bitcoin as a prize.

Furthermore, the incentives are credited to the in-app wallet immediately. Users get rewards ranging from 3 to 10 TNC.

Surveys are sponsored by blockchain companies in conjunction with Real Research.

Real Research is a safe environment that caters to research and marketing requirements. BASID, a blockchain-based payment gateway platform, partnered with the platform. Furthermore, the platform ran the survey for 5 days, starting on December 16.

The study also aims to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating blockchain-based payment gateways into e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, to determine if consumers are interested in paying in cryptocurrency or are willing to take use of blockchain’s advantages.

Homeros, a cryptocurrency gaming platform based on blockchain technology, focuses on game creation, players, and merchants. The business also conducted a poll from December 18 to 23 to learn about their customers’ crypto gaming interests. TNC coin also performed the survey on the above-mentioned days.

Mobilian is also a blockchain-based platform for the autonomous car sector. In addition, from December 20 to 25, they ran a poll using the Real Research survey app to learn more about their customers’ confidence in autonomous cars.

Aside from bitcoin and blockchain-based polls, there are other types of surveys. Topics such as the economics, politics, science, technology, society, and culture are also included in the project.

TNC was given to Indians in excess of 10 million units.

The NewsCrypto team discovered that the Real Research survey app draws over 10,000,000 Indian crypto users after doing research. Furthermore, the platform provides a highly efficient, safe, and dependable data collection environment. Smart contracts and blockchain technologies are being used to achieve this. 

Nonetheless, the primary aim is to assist business owners in producing and delivering solid research that is backed up by genuine, unaltered data. Users may earn TNC Coin by installing the app for free on Android and Apple smartphones and completing the surveys.

Users may also earn prizes by recommending friends and family members. Users must pass Level 3 KYC in order to get referral incentives. Furthermore, individuals with a greater degree of KYC completion may participate in more surveys.

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The real research survey sign up is a site that allows users to participate in surveys for cryptocurrency. It also partners with other blockchain projects to allow the user to earn more.

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