Blockchain technology is not just for the crypto world, because over the past decade many people have learned that the concept is very easy to apply in practice. There are companies around the world that already apply this way of working or create something that works on that principle and thus ensure longevity on the market, openness to customers, and of course, great trust.

If you think that you can not advance your business with the help of this technology, then we are here to tell you that you do not need to adapt much and that it is really possible to move forward, embracing modern concepts. At you can find a lot of useful information and start thinking in this direction.

Did you know that even tech giants invest in blockchain? Banks in Europe and the United States are also exploring possible options. As you probably already know, this can be a real revolution in many sectors of society, even in finance, government, security, technological development, and even the NGO sector. This concept can change all the things we know, that is, lead to some progress, to be more efficient and more functional.

Some companies are already applying blockchain, and in today’s article we will focus on some of them:

What Is the Biggest Blockchain Company?
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  1. Chainalysis

The company works in the field of security, in an effort to establish trust in the blockchain systems of banks and government agencies, but also in the protection of personal data. They are based in New York, and one of their main tasks is to identify vulnerabilities in the network so that they can prevent cybercrime and bring blockchain security closer to end-users.

  1. Deqode

Formed in 2012, their former name is Techracers, and their approach to blockchain is truly unique. Their goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of this technology, but also the privacy of transactions, digital wallets, as well as to train large technology companies to use cryptocurrencies, and thus increase their market value.

  1. Coinbase

They are leaders in the fintech industry, with the help of which users buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but also manage their property. They are located in San Francisco. They generate billions in profits each year and serve over 20 million active customers.

  1. Steem USD

Their most popular service is called Genesis Block, and they are dedicated to developers, entrepreneurs, and independent users. Apart from direct service, they also offer forums and small programs to support similar businesses and all those who want to apply blockchain in their development.

What Is the Biggest Blockchain Company?
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  1. RECUR

This is another fintech company based in Detroit and Miami. They seek to advance existing concepts of the financial sector, to motivate people to use advanced economic tools, to buy and resell, to make fast transactions, and to digitize processes that can be digitized – in order to make a difference in society and all sectors to be efficient, for the benefit of the people.

  1. HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.

This company is engaged in mining cryptocurrencies in Canada, but according to what they claim, they do not consume electricity but get it from renewable sources. In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum is also mined there, and in addition to Canada, it has offices in Ireland and Sweden. It is interesting for them that they do all this transparently, always prepare financial reports, pay the appropriate tax on it and make big profits.

  1. Paxful

Cryptocurrencies are their core business and they are mostly focused on peer-to-peer buying and selling, through more than 300 payment methods. They are here to improve the way cryptocurrencies are traded, as well as to help users use a trusted customer and make sure that in the meantime no cyber attack will take place and that their funds are safe from them. Through Paxful, many users feel comfortable trading cryptocurrencies.

  1. IBM

You probably know a lot about them – they are one of the biggest tech giants who have shown interest in integrating and implementing blockchain systems. So far, they have invested over $ 200 million in research and network improvement. They have so far helped develop hundreds of platforms, applications, and concepts that use this foundation.

  1. Argo Blockchain plc

This company is located in London and is a symbol of the beginnings of cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom. They had previously been to the United States and Canada, where they owned mining machines, but saw the chance for the most progress in 2017 when the UK crypto world was gaining momentum. They are constantly making a profit and always make a significant contribution to the progress of the crypto market.

What Is the Biggest Blockchain Company?
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  1. TQ Tezos

They are involved in software development, and in many of their designs, they include blockchain technology as a concept for the future. They also believe that any application can apply that concept so that the maximum potential can be extracted from it.

  1. Mythical Games

Blockchain can easily change into video games, especially for those looking to pay for premium content, as well as for players who trade in items that require digital ownership. Their first game based on this technology is called Blankos and was realized in 2019.

Of course, there are hundreds of other companies in the world that are already applying or are in the early stages of integrating blockchain into their business. They know how useful it can be to maintain data flow, regulate transactions, verify, relevant, and create “nodes” that contain all the information needed so that once the process is complete, no one can modify it.

Whenever we talk about this concept, it is worth mentioning the speed with which crypto transactions are realized, no matter where in the world the sender and receiver are located. That is why large companies invest in development so that they can then apply these advantages and concepts in their business. Really wise decision, because we will not wait long until blockchain becomes an integral part of almost every serious company in the world.

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